Since established in 1995, Telkomsel has consistently served Indonesia, opening telecommunications access across the country, from Sabang to Merauke. It is our commitment to contribute ideas and solutions, harnessing the power of digital and information technology to positively contribute to shaping a better future for Indonesia, transform Indonesia into a Smart Nation.

As part of Telkomsel's efforts to encourage young Indonesians to leverage the digital age, enabling our communities to grow and gain opportunities for the future, Telkomsel contributes a social responsibility to "Make a Social Impact Through Technology" with The NextDev initiative.

The NextDev initiative is aimed to improve the scalability of social technopreneurs through self-development and enhancement in research and customer development, design sprint, branding, product development and business model. The NextDev are inviting young Indonesians to move together through ideas and innovations with social impact to benefit society's lives.



To be the most impactful movement in Indonesia that support and empower startups in creating positive impact and social contributions.


To help solve social issues and problems facing Indonesia by empowering young, passionate, and purposeful entrepreneurs who are building creative and technology-driven solutions.

Impact Journey / Evidence

  • The NextDev initiative have been showing significant impact on the startups that they support and empower. Through the continuous and whole-souled support given, startups can leverage it to create better and scalable positive impact and social contributions to the society at large.
  • Kostoom (a NextDev startup), a platform connecting tailors and convection to customers and other fashion stakeholders, have generated 1.000 job creation up until today.
  • Lactashare (a NextDev startup), a platform connecting breast milk donors with recipients, has contributed in improvements in healthcare by helping more than 100 people in need of breast milk for their babies get the right donors in time.
  • SekolahKoding (a NextDev startup), an online learning platform for basic programming to web design and development, has contributed in advances in education, by helping 65.000 students improved their working and living conditions.
  • Moving forward, The NextDev will keep on scouting and empower Indonesian tech startups with the greatest positive impact and social contributions, to help build a better Indonesia.


Telkomsel The NextDev is made up of focused, driven specialists who pursue excellence, guided by integrity, and empowered by respect for the profession. Wholeheartedly and enthusiastically, we are committed to our common goal to make social impact through technology and build better lives.

  • Stefanus Steve Saerang Project Manager
  • Iman Jati Satria Lead of Investments & Operations
  • Gita Pratama Putra Lead of Innovation & Partnerships