I’ve joined Kostoom for about a year now. Thank God, my income now is way better than before. My wife and I have a tailor convection. We use to look for tailoring jobs from Tanah Abang Market (the biggest textile market in Southeast Asia), but the wage is way too low there. We were stressed out because we didn’t have any other options back then and we needed to take good care of our tailors and give them better pay. Fortunately, the pay we get from Kostoom is so much better. Our income increased by about 50%. Thank you Kostoom. Keep empowering Indonesia’s tailors and convections and create more jobs.

(Anton, 40 years old, Depok, Indonesia)

Since joining Kostoom for about a year, thank God, my life as a tailor has improved. Usually I only get a few jobs to sew for the people around my house only. Now, almost everyday I get lots of sewing job orders from Kostoom. No more underpaid tailors since Kostoom exist. Thank you Kostoom.

(Ekanur, 36 years old, Jakarta, Indonesia)