1. Indonesian citizens
  2. 18 - 30 years old
  3. Professionals or students not affiliated with similar projects or companies


  1. Online registration at The NextDev website in the registration page.
  2. Participants have to submit their proposal or pitch deck. Pitch deck can be written in Bahasa Indonesia or English. Maximum file size is 30 MB.
  3. Participants can submit pitch deck in .pdf, .doc, .ppt, or .pptx format which include these information:
    • Title
      • Description of the app/product/website
    • Problem
      • What problem is being solved?
    • Value proposition and solutions offered (products/services)
      • How can the product solve the problem?
    • Product / Prototype Shot
      • Apa inovasi dan fitur dari produk Anda
    • Business Model
      • How to monetize for growth and sustainability ?
    • Go-to-Market Strategy
      • How bis is the market?
      • What is the pricing, sales and marketing strategy?
    • Competitive Analysis
      • Who are your competitors?
      • What makes your product better/different from them?
    • Team
      • Who are the members of your team?
      • What is the expertise of each member?
    • Financial projection
      • What is your financial projection for the next 1 to 3 years
    • Achievements and product roadmap
      • How is the traction so far, customer validation, and key metrics used
      • Product roadmap details