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After Alamaak’s Fascinating Performance, Alamanda Shantika: “I Really Appreciate You"

Published 04 December 2018 07:43 By Zaki Mursidan Baldan

TheNextDev.id/en - Alamaak is one of the Talent Scouting’s finalists that successfully won the Batam’s session. Yet, becoming the winner does not make the app and its developers stopped short to continue making betterment for their product. In about three month, the team has worked very hard conducting researches and various adjustments to perfect their startup. These include starting to build partnership with different companies such as Go Clean, Sejasa.com and several others.

Andi Kurniawan, one of Alamaak’s Co-Founder, views this partnership as something necessary and a very positive thing to do for their startup’s benefit. Even one of the judges, Alamanda Shantika who is also known as the Founder of Binar Academy, cannot but feeling compelled to ask question about this decision.

“Why it is your mission to partner with Go Clean and other companies? Why you want to collaborate from the very beginning?” asked the judge who is more familiar with her nickname, Ala.

For this, the startup’s co-founder has all the right answer. “We think that as we have a business and there is other similar but bigger business making their entrance to our place, the truth is we know more about what happens internally. Thus, we see more potentiall to cooperate and to complete each other,” Andi explained in his Final Pitching Desk session in Jakarta, Friday (26/10).

Hearing such answer, the Founer of Binar Academy cannot help expressing her appreciation, “I really really appreciate you all, Guys," she said.

And Ala’s appreciative encouragement did not come out of the blue. She thoiught that such positive development Alamaak has been doing was no easy task as, and she did try to makeher point when she said this, many or most startups usually did the opposite, to compete with their competitors.

“Yet they [Alamaak] make truce with competitors. It was never be easy just to be in this state,” Ala said.

After successfully qualifying the Talent Scouting session in Batam and continually monitoring the startup’s development, Alamaak has an amazing increasing growth that reeks up to 30%. The app’s number of users also has significant increase showing a big jump from around 700 to 1,000 users.

“Our repeat-orders also increase by up to 30%. At least, there were already 12 times of repeating orders,” Robby Kurniawan, the CMO of Alamaak, added proudly.