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Andanu Prasetyo Shared Tips for Successful Business at IDEAFEST X The NextDev 2018

Published 12 November 2018 07:19 By Zaki Mursidan Baldan

TheNextDev.id/en - Go ask any young buyers who are now in hype for getting themselves a certain kind of drink, icy milk-coffee, and they will all come up with the same kind of answer, it’s yummy and more importantly, it gives them that feeling of being trendy.

Now of course reating a product that tastes good is quite a everybody’s doing, by that it means it so averagely regular. But, creating a good product that also makes buyers feel good about themselves requires a creative mind such as that of Andanu Prasetyo’s and his franchise Kopi Tuku. In fact, so popular is his business (starts in 2015) that the ‘number one’ person in this Republic, the very President himself, wanted to take a sip of his coffee.

Yet the question: How can he be so successful? And this is a story you really have to read.

He Started as Regular Lecture’s Assignment

One big difference between Andanu Prasetyo (more famously known by his nickname ‘Tyo’) and other founders of coffee-franchises is that he isn’t that much of a coffee-lover. In fact, his first taste to the drink that later makes him so famous started back then when he took his college time in Universitas Prasetya Mulya and got a research assignment to analyze some aspects in coffee-business.

And after successfully initiating his resto-business in 2015, he made a brave move to start his now-famous Kopi Tuku at a small shop in Cipete, Southern Jakarta area. As happened with all startup businesses, Tyo also found himself struggled just to survive the business as most of Indonesians have yet had high coffee-culture as in Western countries and to keep up with other new competitors in the same lineup of his business.

He Has 3 Keys of Success

Entering the third year of Kopi Tuku, the store now has several branches in Bintaro and Pasar Santa areas and even manages to sell around 1,000 cups per day. Indeed, those three years are quite a long time to get his customers lining up just to get a sip of his original coffee milk concoction.

His success relies on diligent market research and carefull analysis on Indonesians’ coffee-drinking culture. He also stresses on customer experience as a crucial part of his services. He welcomes his customers with a mix of classical music in the background, lines of coffee jars, sweet aromas, nice barristas and coffee-roasters, and affordable prices.

Also, this glass-wearing guy has another unique marketing strategy: instead of concentrating doing the ppromotion via various social media platforms like other regular business owners, he puts his marketing belief more into good products and better contents.

He Has Noble Mission to Promote Local Coffee Products

Kopi Tuku did have its down-time at the first three months of its opening with no customers entering the doors. But the franchise now rarely finds its chair empty and in fact it gets more and more difficult to find one especially after the visit of President Joko Widodo and his family who also left a special message to promote local coffess to international markets. Thus, Tyo finds himself busy concocting his special mixes of coffee beans from Aceh, Flores and Garut while also lying a plan to start opneing his branches in foreign countries.

So, wanna hear the rest of his successful story along with valuable tips and insights from the owner of Kopi Tuku himself? Come and visit Jakarta Convention Center (JCC) on October 26-27, 2018 to join annual creative festival of IDEAFEST. FYI, Tyo and his Kopi Tuku is just one among hundreds of others successful business owners ready to share their own success stories!

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