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Dukapedia: What’s Next After The NextDev 2018!

Published 17 December 2018 07:39 By Zaki Mursidan Baldan

TheNextDev.id/en - The long journey The NextDev 2018 had to travel to find best and most talented young Indonesian developers had finally reached its very end the biggest and best early-stage startups competition platform visited Jakarta. The Final Pitching in the last October also already annonced its final winners, the three startups qualified for the prestigious Best of The Best title, i.e HelloBeauty from Jakarta, GardaPangan from Surabaya, dan FishGo from Denpasar.

Nevertheless, being just a participant in The NextDev 2018’s Final Pitching Talent Scouting event was already something of an achievement for many of these startup developers. Take Dukapedia for instance, a finalist app of which founder could never be happier after their product was deemed qualified in The NextDev 2018’s Talent Scouting session in Semarang.

Irvan Salim, the founder of Dukapedia, stated that his team won’t stop working up to this point. Instead, The NextDev 2018’s end was seen as a new start for Dukapedia team to continue developing their product especially after they now have various insights, knowledge and or tips they managed to get from the event.

Preparing for Major Make-Over

Probably, one of the most valuable lessons Dukapedia had learned as one of the Finalists of The NextDev 2018 was the need to change their app’s business model. At the start, this Semarang-origin startup proposed a digital marketplace concept whereby their app functioned as supplier for burial services such as coffin-sales, flower arrangements, etc.

Yet, based on the insight provided by a member of a grand juries, Dayu Dara Permata (Senior Vice President of Go-Jek), the dev finally decided to change their business model into that of membership registration. This means, a deceased member will get an all-in burial services from undertaking the body to the finished burial process.

Mentoring is Everything for Dukapedia’s Founder

His app may not yet qualified as the final winner of The NextDev 2018, but Salim (or Irvan to most of his colleagues) was already keen to realize what a lucky chance his team got by following the whole festivities. One aspect came to the most importance, at least for Dukapedia’s founder, and that was the mentoring process. He reasoned that such mentoring can be of any big, probably even biggest, help for all early-stage startups as most of the developers hadn’t known for sure just how to develop their startup early properly. Thus, making the mentoring the most useful guidance for these early developers.

Being Most Impressed to Startup-Winner, FishGo

Of all the startup-finalists, Irvan turned out to be most impressed toward a particular winner, Bali-origin FishGo. He did seek out his time to chat with one of the latter app’s founders and he couldn’t help himself getting amazed by FishGo’s ideas and execution methods. Irvan even did suspect that FishGo already was a solid and winner-deserved app; a suspicion that only came true to the final announcement of The NextDev 2018’s Final Pitching. Irvan also stated his expectation that the other startups would follow suit and never stop developing their products.

Expressing Hopes for the Next NextDev

The Dukapedia’s founder also expressed his hopes for the future event’s celebrations of The NextDev. Firstly, he hopes that there would be bigger financial rewards to support early-stage startups’ developments. Also, he wants to see bigger numbers of winning-teams, like up to five developers in one event, so that more early startups would have more chances to be the Best.

Nice suggestions, really! Hopefully, Telkomsel as the organizing party will hear such ideas and consider making them true to the next NetxDev event-runnings. As for now, let’s just hope that Dukapedia will continue developing to bring much bigger beneficial social impact to society.

Good luck to you all, Guys!