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Dukapedia’s Most Remembering Moments in The NextDev 2018

Published 19 December 2018 07:45 By Zaki Mursidan Baldan

TheNextDev.id/en - For many of Indonesian young developers, to finally have a unicorn business such as those of Go-Jek or Tokopedia is certainly their ultimate dream. Yet, to say the least, the path to such achievement is neither easy nor short. Still, such a long fight is what Dukapedia, one of the The NextDev 2018 Final Pitching’s contestants, has acknowledged and been ready to prepare for.

And as the start, they are considerably lucky for being the final contestant of this best and biggest early-stage startups competition platform, The NextDev 2018. Such is because the Dukapedia’s developers are keen to understand how important and beneficial the event was to their own advantages: sharing valuable knowledge and insights necessary for surviving the digital market.

Finding Appropriate Business Model

At first, Dukapedia used digital marketplace concept which posed them as vendor that provided burial services related things such as undertaking the decease, coffins, flowers, etc. Yet, such concept is about to change, majorly being improved for more exact, when they got the valuable inputs from one of The NextDev 2018’s grand judges, Dayu Dara Permata.

According to the said judge, who is also Go-Jek’s Senior Vice President, the concept did not accurately represent Dukapedia’s services. This insight made the founder, Irvan Ismail, turned into member-based system (via registration) in which membership means an all-in burial service that reduces the hassles of the decease’s family down to almost zero.

Solving (Some) Money Issues

The app’s founder does have various useful ideas to develop the product. But, and as with all of the early-stage startups, they need to first tackle the money-issue: they don’t have it yet. Joining The NextDev 2018 has thus seen by the app’s founder as one method to cope with such problems, and yes, what a solution it was as the best and biggest early-stage startup competition platform in Indonesia does provide many kinds of helpful financial rewards starting from seed-funding to access-providing to angel investors and or capital ventures.

Helping the Team-Building Process

Needless to say, all erly-stage startups have to have a solid team, besides a steady flow of funding, to continually develop or to simply make their product survive the market. This is no easy task indeed as a solid team also means everyone involved needs to have the exact level of extraordinary vision and dedication for the startup. Fortunately enough, The NextDev does provide such program to help those startups build such ‘dream-team’: various mentoring to expert training programs just so that they could learn to solve their internal problems, all independently.

Helping to Prepare for the Market

The market, even the digital one, never sleeps. Even as you just start thinking of an idea to develop a startup, many are already in the making or even launching. But for Dukapedia’s founder, Irvan Ismail, those competitors are not his app’s biggest problem, at least for now, as there aren’t any of those competitors dealing with undertaking or burial services, just yet. Indeed, Dukapedia can be said to be the first digital platform pioneering in this service.

Doubtless, all those insights from The NextDev 2018’s juries will only make Dukapedia better and more ready to finally present even more beneficial social impacts for the society.