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Learn Building Your Brand with Arto Soebiantoro at IDEAFEST X The NextDev 2018

Published 10 November 2018 07:13 By Zaki Mursidan Baldan

TheNextDev.id/en - Many of startup owners are experiencing much difficulty in building their own brand in order to make the society more aware to their products or to increase customers’ numbers. In fact, the opposite is true, at least according to Arto Soebiantoro, who said that branding is quite easy thing to do if you are not trapped in with difficult or convoluted wordings.

For Arto himself, he has developed his skills in building brand through quite a long process of learning. And it is his results from such long learning and experience that he is about to share in IDEAFEST x The NextDev 2018 tomorrrow (26/10).

But of course, before any of you sit nicely in your bench and listen to his presentation, you might want to know who this guy really is first. Now, see yourself his resume below.

Being Indonesia’s Youngest Creative Director 

Arto Soebiantoro, or just Arto as he usually been called (he is also the son of the late popular TV host, Kris Biantoro) has quite a nice career. He finished both of his educations in information system at California State University of Fresno and advertorial design at the San Fransisco Academy of Art. As he came back to Indonesia, he worked at one of the biggest international advertising bureaus as Art Director and managed to get the most prestigious award, Citra Pariwara, for the best TV-advertorial category just in his first year of working.

His career kept rocketing since then as Arto (born in June 17, 1973) became one of the youngest creative directors who was in charge to develop more than 50 both national and international brands. He then decided to resign in 2006 after 11 years of working in his position.

Building Gambaranbrand Network

Once leaving the advertorial business, Arto focuses on developing a coaching method specifically designed for small and medium business-enterprises, especially in relation to their brand developing program. In doing so, Arto, who is also a Tae-Kwon-Do dedicated learner, finds out that it actually takes 11 branches of science to properly develop or build a brand.

Being always a modest person, Arto realizes that it will be impossible for him alone to master all those required skills. However, instead of stopping short in his effort, he feels encouraged to start establishing Gambaranbrand, a community of specialists who actively builidng and developing local brands in Indonesia. Arto, who is also a mentor in Big Circle, then asks these specialists to share their knowledge, info, projects, and other activities related to brand development.

Authoring the Book “Merek Indonesia Harus Bisa

All of his experiences in dealing with the troubled brand-owners, who find it difficult to develop their own brands, encouraged Arto to create a simple yet effective method he calls it as Brandsteps. He poured out all of these steps in his book, Merek Indonesia Harus Bisa, now a must guideline for local brand-owners.

The book outlines Arto’s detailed steps to run the brand in much more systematic ways. He also put various samples and famous quotes from renowned figures to provide inspiration for business-proprietors. For Arto himself, his book is valued as his real and personal contribution to his country, just as his father used to teach him with the nationalism values back in his childhood.

Knowing him and his effective methods to build a brand, you are smart to get curious about finding his excellent steps in details. And you are just getting smarter to come by and personally learn from Arto at the collaboration event of IDEAFEST and The NextDev 2018 at Jakarta Convention Center in October 26-27, 2018. The tickets are available at IDR 1.1 million per day or a two-day bundle for just IDR 1.6 millions.

One more thing, as you learn from Arto and other various experts, you may as well find The NextDev 2018’s biggest surprise, the Telkomsel’s Experience Zone in Idea Xperience. This surprise will carry very interesting topic of “Living in Balance between Life and Business” and presents you with various useful products for future-markets from Telkomsel.

So, wanna get smart with Arto?