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The Founder of Jahitin.com Places Big Hopes into The NextDev 2018’s Winners

Published 18 December 2018 07:42 By Zaki Mursidan Baldan

TheNextDev.id/en - The long sequence of The NextDev 2018’s festivities, which was also of its fourth time, has finally ended. Starting in April 2018, the best and biggest ealy-stage startups competition platform had initiated its most important mission, to seek the best and most potential startups capable of bringing the most beneficial social impacts for the society.

Of all of those thousands of qualified startups from the pitching sessions in Surabaya, Semarang, Denpasar, Batam, Balikpapan, Samarinda, Yogyakarta, and Jakarta, only the best three of them can be the winners. And these are FishGo from Bali, GardaPangan from Surabaya, and HelloBeauty from Jakarta, which at the same are also successfully crowning themselves as the Best of The Best Talent Scouting of The NextDev 2018

Due to these three startups’ winning, Asri Wijayanti, the CEO and Founder of startup-finalist Jahitin.com, places her biggest optimism toward those startup-winners.

Remarks and Best Hopes for the Winners

Ms. Wijayanti (or Asri as she is better known among her friends) did feel that unexpected thrills when her app was announced as one of the Final Pitching’s contestants which made her thankful for the chance to compete with the other startup-participants. She did learn a lot by watching other participants’ performance displaying various coolest ideas and offering social solutions. She could also experience the healthy and supportive competition that aimed at giving the best results for all.

“Goodjob, make a bigger impact, you deserve to be a winner,” she earnestly congratulated the winning teams after the The NextDev 2018’s finall announcement.

Asri went on by expressing her biggest hopes for the quicker development of Indonesian startups which could, in turn, create more problem-solving methods and innovations for the society. She also hoped that not only would many of those startups stay focus in their paths and committ to continually develop their products, but they would also never stop sharing their success stories, knowledge and experience with the other developers.

What to Expect for the Next NextDev

For Asri, and some other young developers, The NextDev 2018 was her first experience in joining the best and biggest early-stage startups competition platform in Indonesia. She did get various valuable insights such as the learning from the juries’ feedbacks and or various tips to focus on her startup’s progress.

Thus, feeling forever grateful for her chance to join the platform, Asri wanted to place her biggest expectation for the upcoming event of The NextDev.

“Make it more cities to visit, more mentors to invite and much longer terms of networking for the participants, mentors and all of The NextDev’s teams,” said she.

What to Expect for the Other Startups

As she did learn it herself, and learn it first-hand, Asri realizes all too well that there can be various problems the early-stage startups can face. These may deal with the funding, business model or scheme, and up to building a solid teamwork. However, she was more than happy to share one of her best insights to the rest of the other early-stage startups so they could stay surviving in Indonesia’s digital markets.

“Keep working on making innovations because, as the theory says, human needs are limitless and all trends are subject to change, sometimes even quite easily. Even shifting customer behavior is something that gets much easier to do nowadays,” she explained.

Okay then, let’s just hope for the best to happen with all her wishes. Thanks so much for the tips, anyway!