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Habibi Garden Makes Indonesia Great in Future Makers 2018!

Published 12 December 2018 14:27 By Zaki Mursidan Baldan

TheNextDev.id/en - A good news, no, better it’s a proud one indeed, came from one of  Telkomsel’s The NextDev apps, Habibi Garden. As it is known previously, the app, from November 6-9, 2018, had been selected as Indonesia’s representative to compete in Singtel Group Future Makers 2018 held in Sydney, Australia. And the good news, as it is alsoo very proud one, was that the agricultural startup managed to successfully get not just one, but two of the prestigious awards of the event, People Choice Award Asia Pasific Investment Summit 2018 and the Best of The Best Future Makers 2018.

Yet, what’s more awesome about such achievement was the fact that Habibi Garden did so by outperforming various excellent startups from different countries such as Australia, Singapore, Thailand, and Philippine. Little wonder if such level of accomplishment did invite Telkomsel’s GM External Corporate Communications, Denny Abidin, to sincerely express his admiration.

“We really are very proud for the achievement that The NextDev’s app, Habibi Garden, makes. Not only does such victory serve as hard evidence of high recognition for Indonesian youths’ products, but it also brings glory to our country name in Asia Pacific level. We wholeheartedly congratulate Habibi Garden for such an amazing work,” Mr. Abidin said through media-release.

The Singtel Group Future Makers 2018 itself is held for the purpose of developing future technological innovations to provide better responses for various social and environmental issues. The selected participants of this event need to undergo a pitching-phase before the expert judges of Impact Investment Summit 2018. Among these judges are Lisa Cotton (Founder and CEO of Ideology Group), Julian Harris (Executive Chairman of search365.ai, Robobai.com, and Inawisdom.com), and Sarah Pearson (Chief Innovation Officer at Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade).

For the 2018 event, there were a total of 10 startup-participants doing the pitching session. In addition to Habibi Garden, Indonesia was also represented by Squline. Then, Commsync and ImmCalc, both were of Optus (Australia), Aevice Health and XCLR8 of Singtel (Singapore), BagoSphere and The Spark Project of Globe (Philippine), and Local Alike and VT Thai of AIS (Thailand).

Habibi Garden and Squline all had good reason for becoming Indonesia’s representatives at that influential event. Both startups were the best of The NextDev event, already long projected and prepared for competing in such occasion.

Habibi Garden itself is a Internet-of-Things (ioT) specialist app which helps Indonesian farmers and planters to ‘talk to’ their crops. Surveyed data showed that the usage of the app’s sensor was capable of reducing significant crop’s failure level while at the same time increasing wholesome products up to 200%. The app does this by carefully monitoring all of the plant-growth key-parameters including temperatures, humidities, precipitations, and various soil’s conditions such as fertility, nutrient-level and acidity. Habibi Garden is also the best startup winner of Telkomsel’s The NextDev Competition 2016 and The NextDev Academy 2017.

As Habibi Garden works in plantation and agricultural level, Squline targets learning process and classroom situation. The latter can be said as the biggest language learning platform in Indonesia which connects students to learn foreign language with professional teachers via video calls and text-conversation methods. The startup combines reciprocal interaction with the real teachers or tutors, multimedia materials and advance learning management system to create the best online learning experience for users. Squline, up for these days, has offered four different language courses, to viz English, Mandarin, Japanese and Bahasa Indonesia. The startup is also Telkomsel’s The NextDev Competition 2017 and Telkomsel’s The NextDev Academy 2018’s winner respectively.

As for The NextDev itself, since its first launch as Telkomsel’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program, the event does carry mission-extraordinaire to dig out and develop the Indonesian youths’ potentials in digital technology. Through The NextDev, young Indonesian developers are continually supported and provided all access to enable them working out the mobile apps capable of generating beneficial social impacts for societies.

“The NextDev does take the youths’ hands to carry out their dreams and ideals in terms of Smart City and Smart Village developments, and to take part, as a program, to help create a better future for Indonesia,” Mr Abidin also added.

The General Manager also ensured that Telkomsel would remain consistent and never cease providing digital networks in all of Indonesia’s regions and areas. This commitment is in line with the company’s ideal to connect more people to the internet and digital services to better enhance their businesses. And with such level of consistency, it is not at all impossible that Indonesia’s digital ecosystem will only become significantly better and more qualified in the near future.

“We commit to the hardwork to make The NextDev capable of supporting the development of Indonesia’s digital ecosystem in the future. We also openly invite any party having the same level of commitment to work equally hard and actively make use of the technology to create mutual contributions that can benefit all Indonesian society in every area and region with posittive social impacts,” said Mr. Abidin closing his statement.

Well said, and excellent job for Habibi Garden’s extraordinary achievement in Singtel Group Future Makers 2018!